Big victory of little Volga! | Питомник абиссинских кошек "Petrovna"/ "Petrovna" abyssinian cattery

Big victory of little Volga!


Blue kitten PETROVNA Volga-Volga, moved to Denmark on an exchange program between the catteries are not made to wait long for their success. March 16, 2013 in Fredericia on FIFe breed Abyssinian show Volga was the best kitten.

A total of 51 animals presented Abyssinian, all colors of the leading catteries in Europe – but the competition is not scared Volga.

Its results – EX1, Breed BIS 3-6, Expert – Linda Knyova.

Best adult cat also became our close relative – Bright Sky af Khartoum, litter brother to our handsome Clear Sky af Khartoum.

Volga is happy in new home is not only an excellent temperament and show results, but also the fact that a great hunt mice and birds, and is not afraid to conquer the tallest trees.

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