PETROVNA Red Sonja | Питомник абиссинских кошек "Petrovna"/ "Petrovna" abyssinian cattery


(Date ot birth 08/03/2016,  Tulicreme Bonjour L Amour*PT + PETROVNA Marrakesh)

Sonja – very bright young lady, it has a gently conversion from teenager into an adult cat now. Big ears, almond eyes, which every day more and more emerald tones, high foot, athletic yet elegant body, energetic and at the same time the contact – everything indicates that it ahead of most interesting life. In addition, Sonja has a great experiense -a lot of shows and travelling. This is the first cat from our cattery, which will take part  at the World exhibition of cats by FIFe in Vienna, and the honor it deserved in a difficult international competition. We are looking forward to the future of Sonja, career – that’s fine, but the main priority is her ability to get along with people and to be kind real friend.

Show results:

WCF 06-07.08 2016, Moscow – Ex1, Ex1, Nom BIS

SOM-ABY Show – Best Kitten

WCF 27-28.08 2016, Moscow – Ex1, Ex1,  Nom BIS,, Nom BIS

WCF Ring young 27.08.2016 – 7-th (by Alla Gudkova)

WCF Ring young 27.08.2016 – 2-th (by Svetlana Ermolaevа)

Rare Breed Show - Best Kitten

FIFE 10-11.09 2016, Munich – Ex1, Ex1 (Laura Burani IT, Dietmar Sagurski DE) Nom BIS – Dietmar Sagurski DE

TICA 15-16.10.2016, Moscow – BIV ( Monika Dany)

FIFe WW Vienna, 29-30.10.2016 – Ex1 ( Dietmar Sagurski DE)

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