PETROVNA Tereshkova or Zaklepka | Питомник абиссинских кошек "Petrovna"/ "Petrovna" abyssinian cattery

PETROVNA Tereshkova or Zaklepka

( date of birth 30/06/2014,  PETROVNA Gagarin + PETROVNA Cleopatra Lightsome)

This is a lady with strong character! It considers itself the most important and most beautiful! In the second it is close to the truth, she has a very expressive eyes, harmonious ears, slender body, long tail and very bright color. This cat thinks that the whole world belongs only to her – she’s always taken above all to but does not always behave like a lady! If someone put his nose into a pan or something broke – that’s exactly graceful Zaklepka!

Coownership with Elena Sorokina

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